Tuesday, April 26, 2016


There are no better words for me when it comes to this damn blog....or anything else for that matter.  The first step is usually the most difficult for me to take but once I get past that, my momentum usually gets built up pretty qucikly.  That first step usually comes down to my desire to do being less than my desire to do not in the moment, without ever considering the regret I may feel later on for not doing.  There's very little in my life, if anything, that I regret doing....but plenty I regret not doing.  The bad thing is that I never seem to learn from that, and continue to do not.

I'll always have plenty of excuses to not post on this blog, and time is a big one for me.  Showing that I can get something up in as little as five minutes, as I did here, though will hopefully motivate me in the future to actually do, and not do not.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Poppa Tomato, Momma Tomato, and Baby Tomato....

I started off my blog year like my ass was shot out of a cannon.  Two posts in the first three days of 2015?  Whoa, son....slow your roll!  Alright, done.  Blink, it's two months later....and not another post since.  Quick update:  The Lions didn't win the Super Bowl (New England did) and as a matter of fact, they didn't even win a playoff game.  Still only one postseason win in my lifetime.  Some other stuff happened too, but that's what my Instagram feed is for.  If it's thoughts or mindless babbling, then it goes here.  If it's something quick and notable that I can use a picture to help explain, it goes there....especially since I need to get at least one pic every day up there.

I guess that part is noteworthy.  I started seriously doing a picture a day challenge on Instagram on my birthday two years ago.  I've stuck with it and taken at least one picture every day, but I did mess up a couple times and didn't post the pic.  I rarely post the pics immediately after taking them, so the posts might not go up for a day or two, or even longer.  As a matter of fact, I'm a little over a week behind at the moment, and hope to get that updated later this morning.  I fell more than a month behind early this year, and have since updated all those.  I found a way to note all the pics where I won't mess it up now, which is really two-sided for me.  On one side, I don't worry about forgetting what pic is for what day and know I'll be able to keep track of it as long as I need.  On the other side, I have a little less urgency to get the pics up, so I fall behind more often.

On a somewhat related topic, Instagram, and my pic a day challenge there, is a big reason my blog posts are so infrequent nowadays.  With Twitter, Facebook, and the Gram there are a lot more places to share different things, all in the palm of my hand with my phone.  Add to that the limits imposed on what I can see/hear/do nowadays with my crazy work schedule, and another super cold and snowy winter....and there's really not much to say here, or time to say it.  It's somewhat disappointing that this blog is on life support now, but things are constantly changing in this world, especially where technology is concerned, and leads to situations like this.

While it's on life support, I doubt this blog will ever completely die....at least not in the foreseeable future.  I'll always have something churning upstairs, and will need an outlet for it from time to time.  If that need arises while I have a quiet moment to just bang away at my keyboard, it's probably going to end up here.  And, of course, there will always be the periods of time I try and MAKE myself get some posts up on a relatively consistent basis....but, then again, I'm someone who hasn't been able to remember to cut my fingernails the last three days.  And those are always well within my grasp....at my fingertips, even.

One thing I will try my damndest to blog about this year will be our anniversary trip in June.  We did pretty well documenting last year's trip through pictures, but I think if I took 15-20 minutes at the end of each day to write about what we did that day, it would add another level to our memories of the trip....and I want to remember as much as possible about the trip.  These places very well could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and getting something down on paper about it while it's still fresh will really be nice.  Even with how tired I was at the end of most of the days during our last trip, I can still identify plenty of days where I could have typed something up about what we did or saw and added that to our other forms of documentation.  Oh well....live and learn.

Hopefully, I will be back here sooner rather than later to make another post....one that will undoubtedly be infinitely more interesting than this one, but I obviously have no idea how this all goes anymore.  At least for now, I have gotten to....ketchup.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Slant to Calvin is Always Open

If we're only ever looking back
We will drive ourselves insane
As the friendship goes resentment grows
We will walk our different ways
-Bad Blood, Bastille

Heard this today, and it stuck in my head for some reason.  I've got no bad blood for anyone or anything at the moment, as a matter of fact just the opposite, but it stuck with me.  I've actually learned the hard way that harboring bad blood can have some pretty terrible effects down the road.  I lost a really good friend brooding over some stupid shit as a young teenager.  It's one of the few things in my life I regret, and I know it's had a lasting impact on my life.  I never had an easy time making or keeping friends as a kid.  I was a bit of a shit, in a much different way than I am today, and friends were kinda disposable to me for a very long time.  The world was a much smaller place back then, and the friends made at school would still be around to try and rekindle a friendship with if I did in fact dispose of my friendship for one reason or another.

Anyway, that wasn't a tangent I was planning on going off on....nor am I ready to follow through with where it was going to go.  Maybe sometime soon I will be in the mood to talk about it, but not today.  Now, it's not like I had an actual plan of anything to talk about today, but that is surely not where this post is going to go.  Instead, I will slant it toward the football.

Wild Card Weekend starts today, and this is yet another year I'll be stuck at work when the first game starts.  However, unlike the last few years, I won't be able to watch any of it while at work, unless I leave our office.  Our cable is out, and will be for at least a few days, and even though it's usually just on a news station in the background, except for game days, I've come to learn just how eerily quite this office is on the weekend without it.  Luckily, I've now got Sundays off and can check out the Lions @ Dallas tomorrow from the comfort of home, while eating Primo's pizza and hanging out with some friends. 

I'll also get to watch all of the Baltimore/Pittsburgh game tonight as we cheer on the Ravens.  While she says she doesn't care much about them this year, it's always fun to watch my wife during a Ravens game, especially in the playoffs.  While I get a little shit here and there from her about how into football I am, it's quite obvious that watching her favorite team play in big games is a lot like when I watch either of my teams....except her team has actually won a couple Super Bowls in the 2000s, something I cannot say. 

While the football will be nice, just getting away from work for a few days will be nice.  There hasn't been much work to do the last couple weeks because of the holidays, but I've still had some pretty long days, and I'm still not completely adjusted to my new schedule.  While it gives me Sundays off and my weekend now spans 3.5 days, it's hard getting all my hours in within such a short period of time.  When I leave here on Saturday evenings, I feel a huge weight fall from my shoulders.  It'll surely be that way here in a few hours.

Time to end the rambling of the day and finish up my thing.  It's not a perfect thing, but there is now a thing where there was not a thing before.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy 2015!

It's not often I find myself here anymore, as illustrated by my lack of posting in the last 7 (nearly 8) months, but today I've found myself back inside my blog.  I don't have a point to make, nor a topic of discussion I want to get out there.  I just wanted to "make a thing", and here I am making that thing.  I used the quotes there because it's something I heard Wil Wheaton say that during his reboot of his podcast, Radio Free Burrito.  That, along with the current book I am reading (The Obstacle is the Way) and the fact that I have had a very distracted day today, led me to this post.  Now, since I used 3 separate links in the last two sentences, you know I'm serious about getting the info out there....even in my distracted haze.  That haze is pretty evident looking at how I switched from using a number (3) to typing it out (two) in the span of 7 words in my last sentence.  That's something I'm normally very mindful of, especially when the words/numbers are so close together.

Hey, whatever.  The point here is that I am making this post at all.  A single post on the second day of the year puts me at 50% for 2015 so far....and after 31 posts in the last 3 calendar years, that percentage is pretty outstanding.  Of course that percentage will fall between now and the end of 2015, for all I know this could be my only post of the year, but I got a kick out of it for at least a couple minutes. 

Now, while I was definitely putting in some more effort than I would in a normal post to include the above links, I did cheat a little with the picture this time around.  I normally would write out the post, then think of a title that fits what I just wrote, sometimes vice versa....but not often, and then do a google image search for what I'm using as the title, and pick the picture I like the best.  It might have absolutely nothing to do with the post, but for one reason or another I really like the image I use at that time.  Today, I just used the pic that I currently have set as my facebook banner.  Yep, I'm getting crazy with the Cheese Whiz. 

I know that Nick Saban would be disappointed in the fact that I didn't follow The Process, but after his loss last night to that team from Ohio, he's got plenty more to worry about with his Process than with mine.  I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't get to see any of the game last night, but the outcome alone, knowing that they won with a 3rd string QB to punch their ticket for the National Championship Game, just goes to show how effing good Urban Meyer is at building a team.  It's something that brings to my mind a scenario involving Nick Saban and a bunch of 'what ifs' that I've thought about a few times in the last few months or so, but haven't talked to anyone about just yet.  I think this might be a good idea for my next post, since I'm running out of time for this one and could always use some incentive to create a little more than I currently do....although that's not too hard at this point in time.  No matter.  This is where I leave it now.

Happy New Year, Douchebags.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Uninformed

I haven't found or made the time the last week or so to really look into game matchups, or blog about them, like I'd wanted.  Therefore, I haven't made too many picks since my last post.  Fortunately, I've only lost one of those 11 picks in the mean time.  UNfortunately, without a great deal of confidence in these picks, I didn't bump up the units to take advantage of my hot streak.  Don't get me wrong, it's a good problem to have when you win almost every pick you make, but don't have a lot on the line....but to really take advantage of the edge you have in sports betting, which I'm really trying to get myself in tune for in MLB, you have to hammer the lines when you have the biggest edge.  Basically, you need to strike while the iron is hot.

I'll continue to look for edges as much as I can, and hope that when I finally start risking more units, I don't take a dive....like I did the last time.  Below are my updated numbers after this great little run.

Totals to date:
45-30, +17.24 units

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Went 2-2, +1.29 the last few days.  Only up in that span because I put more stock in the Tigers in game one on their trip to Minnesota than the other three games.  Today I looked at a few, but not too in depth.  Might be over analyzing the games lately, so I'm going to let feel dictate the games below tonight.

LAD -127 @ 1.27 units (Win, +1)
CWS +100 @ 1.5 units (Loss, -1.5)
CIN +1.5 -200 @ .4 units (Loss, -.4)

Backing down a little on my units per game now that my virtual bankroll is a little bit smaller.  Had I kept the units small to begin with, I wouldn't have dropped into the lower bracket so quickly, but I've got to press when I think I have the advantage....at least I believe I do.  We'll see.  Hopefully I can start another great run today and not worry about it at all.

Totals to date:
35-29, +6.02 units

Update 4/27/14:

Game results and totals above have been updated.  Looks like my big "feel" game yesterday was my downfall....but that doesn't stop me from trying again today.  I got a feeling on this one.

PHI +115 @ 2 units

Phillies can show they are the better team today by taking 2/3 from Arizona while on the road.  Tough to get a series win on the road, but I think they do it....and I was ready to lay for this game, so the fact that I am taking makes it that much better, and worth an extra unit.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time to Upgrade

Long gone are the days where I used to know every matchup in the NHL and NBA playoffs when they start.  About halfway through round one of both, I can probably get 75% of the matchups and maybe who is in the lead....but that's really asking too much.  I only bring this up because I find it interesting that I am looking more into how well I can predict outcomes versus the spread in more and more sports, when I am paying less and less attention to them.  Then again, my life has never been without contradictions.

Even with the NFL, which I absolutely love, I am paying less and less attention.  The 2014 schedule was announced today, and I am yet to take a serious look at it.  I took a cursory glance at the schedule for the Lions, but nothing else.  I didn't even pay attention to who they play on Thanksgiving this year.  I know the options were very limited though....when the list of 2014 opponents came out, I noticed we had very few home games versus AFC teams this year (I want to say 2) and they have to play an AFC opponent this year because we played GB last year.  I dunno.  I'm sure I'll check right after I post this, just to quell my curiosity.

Speaking of predicting sports outcomes, the last 7 have been very unkind to me.  The Tigers have lost to the White Sox 2 out of the last three days, and I was on the Tigers (laying a pretty steep price) for both losses, but NOT on them for the win.  This is the art of picking MLB games I need to pick up.  I can get a decent feel for who will win how many out of each series, but if you guess wrong on two of the three days, that's not going to do you any good.

My last 7 picks went 2-5 for a total loss of 7.31 units, cutting my season total by more than half.  Time to reassess my unit amounts for each game, as that seems to be doing me more harm than the actual losses.  Totals are below.

Totals to date:
32-25, +5.63 units

On the non-sports front, a few things of note this week.  Purchased new phones for Little Miss and I today.  We are now the proud owners of Samsung Galaxy S5s....kind of.  The store had no phones in stock, so they are being shipped to us and should be at the house by Friday, but we had to go into the store to get the buy one, get one promotion on the phone....kind of.  Unbeknownst to us, the promotion had ended on Sunday.  That also was unbeknownst to our salesman, Sean, until he tried to put the order in for us.  You see, today was the third time we were in that store since Friday, when we took my parents in to upgrade their phones (which is a story in and of itself) and had seen the ad for the promotion each time, which is why we went to the store to buy them instead of just upgrading online like normal.

Anyway, after Sean walked away to place our order, he ended up talking to someone else in the store with a Verizon Edge t-shirt on, I'm assuming it was a manager, even though the t-shirt would have made me think otherwise.  When he returns to talk to us, he informs us that the promotion had ended on Sunday, and that we'd have to pay the upgrade price of $200 for each phone instead of $200 for both.  At first I was kinda bummed and all like "okay....I guess we'll do it because we want that particular phone", but when Little Miss pressed more about it and I found out the manager had come and actually pulled the posted BOGO price cards out from under the phones right behind me while Sean was breaking the news to us, I was resolute about getting that promotion.

At first I asked to see the cards, which were taken away less than 5 minutes before I asked, so I could take a picture of it and the fine print to make sure it didn't have an expiration date on it like some of the other cards there did.  The manager had Sean tell us he had already placed them in the "burn box" and we were out of luck with that.  That was #2 and #3 (with sneaking in behind me to get the cards #1) in terms of problems I was holding against the manager.  First, I believed it to be BS that the cards were irretrievable and he just did that to stonewall us.  Honestly, I might have done the very same thing....but I would have addressed it personally, and not made the salesman explain it.

Of course, that wasn't good enough for me.  I asked Sean to have the manager to give us a signed statement that those promotion cards were out when we placed our order, because state law says that it would have to be honored, and I would contact the corporate office to try and get the difference back on our order.  After a few minutes, Sean returned and let us know the manager would honor the BOGO offer for us, and showed it to me on the order screen.  He also covered for the manager by saying he was on the phone with his supervisor working all this out.  At that point it didn't really matter, I had already discounted the manager's effectiveness at that time and was completely unsurprised at that point that he wouldn't make contact with us at all.  In my experience, it's always best to address things like this in person, no matter what the answer is going to be.  But, again, it didn't matter at that point, and Sean was much better at handling the situation than we had any right to expect.  Definitely an excellent salesman.

The other non-sports front I was referring to above is the fact that I am applying for a new job, not with my current company....and not in my current state of residence either.  I won't go into detail about it, but I haven't been this excited for a job prospect in a long time.  Whether I get the job or not, I know it is something I would excel at and a job I would like going to every day, and it's nice to know that opportunities like that still exist for me.

I think I've rambled on enough for one day, so it's off to check out a few things about the phone I forgot to look into before signing the dotted line today, no deal-breakers obviously, but a couple things I want to know about before I get the phone in my hand in a few days.